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Using Education Digital Signage to Keep Your School Current

Posted by Jason Ault on Feb 4, 2015 3:25:51 PM

Using Educational Digital Signage to Keep Your School CurrentEducation Digital Signage is another piece of technology, like mobile devices, that is rapidly beginning to play a vital role in keeping a school current on multiple levels.  Students interact with technology every day, and students are drawn to signage that looks like that technology.

As more and more K12 public school districts are beginning to integrate Digital Signage into their long-term program development, technology and operations development directors in those districts are becoming creative in how and why they use Digital Signage. Digital signs can be used to stream videos of athletic events while they are happening.  Images of classes doing exciting projects can be broadcast throughout the school in real time.  Because Digital Signage is a visual medium pictures of students at social functions sponsored by the school or community can be displayed.  The signs are being used to promote signups for things like advanced placement classes and electives such as photography, art history, DECA, and many others.

Becoming more cognizant of environmental concerns, school districts are replacing paper flyers, which more often than not becomes litter, with Digital Signage.  And while elementary school students tend to let their parents know about what is happening at school, by the time teens reach secondary school they are more likely to under-communicate or even forget important information like testing dates or school events like parent-teacher conferences, plays and concerts. If a student  has a free period during daily announcements, or they just aren’t paying attention, audio announcements are missed.  But with Digital Signage the news is displays on screens all over the campus, all day long, including lunch.  Students have the chance to see them several times throughout the day.  With Digital Signage outside the school, parents and students alike can see these messages.

Finally, Digital Signage can give general information as well as alerting students and staff to emergency or safety issues. Since most signs are hung in common areas, alerts can be seen by a large number of people at once. Schools can look at state or federal grants for emergency preparedness when they are looking for funding Digital Signage in their district. Most colleges and universities have their Common Alert Protocol (CAP) connected to every digital sign on campus, capable of providing specific instructions should an emergency arise. K12 schools have also begun connecting their signage to emergency alert systems, giving their signs the ability to go instantly from typical content to flashing an emergency message when a school activates an alert. Given the increase of violence in schools today, Digital Signage is poised to become the visual part of the K12 school emergency notification system. An emergency message with specific instructions of what students and staff should do if there is danger in the building adds a vital layer of communication.

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