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What Are the Benefits of Digital Signage?

Posted by Nikki Ault on Feb 22, 2016 8:00:00 AM

Benefits of Digital Signage

Benefits of digital signageYour company has a message, whether it be to inform, educate, manage or entertain – and that message is vital to your success.  Digital signage is any form of communicating that your business does using a dynamic (moving) messaging device instead of static (unmoving) messaging, or advertising. 

Digital signage is a powerful tool that can help grow your business or organization, all while helping you get more productive each and every day. 

Now you’re thinking, wow this digital signage thing sounds really great, but I need to know more.  There is much more behind the “how” of digital signage communication than sending a message.  It can also help to find the “why” behind your digital signage needs. 

Providing a snapshot of the Top 5 benefits for five major specific industries may help that “why” seem clearer. 


healthcare benefits of digital signagePatient Updates/Expected Wait Times – This can be beneficial for hospitals or surgery centers as well as doctors’ offices. You could also utilize this method to place the order of patients that have checked in, approximate wait times to get back to see the doctor, or even to update a loved one waiting on a patient with their status. 

Quick note:  my husband recently had surgery at an outpatient surgery center and that meant I was left to entertain myself for about 2 hours while hoping to get updates on him every 5 minutes.

The surgery center actually gave me peace of mind (and allowed their receptionist to not have to answer surgery update questions all day), by having a digital signage display with his identification number listed (of course to protect privacy) with an updated status (checked in, pre-op, in process, recovery, complete). 

Staff Communication any information pertinent for all staff to know can be displayed keeping all staff on the same page.  This eliminates unread emails, unnecessary staff meetings, and saves time for all.  With the ability to schedule different content amongst displays, you can even display staff-only needs in staff-only locations such as lounges or locker rooms. 

Sales or Promotions You can inform patients of any additional or ancillary services your office provides.  You can also attract vendors, advertisers, or other related businesses to your patients. 

Educate Patients The average wait time for an emergency department in the U.S. is 30 minutes and the average wait time for a doctor’s office is around 19 minutes.  Keeping overanxious patients busy during these extensive wait times can improve their healthcare experience and reduce anxiety.  You can give FAQ’s about your practice, provide recent case studies that support your health efforts, and include nutrition and exercise-related content.

Entertain Pediatrician offices can use touchscreen kiosk options for entertainment for their patients who are often with a short attention span.  It can also be very entertaining to read about the doctors and support staff within the office to get to know them better, provide information for preventative care, or to include content such as news, social media, and video clips. 


Digital_Signage_for_Education.pngEffective CommunicationBeing able to provide announcements, events, timetables, emergency information that can be delivered in real time and content that can even be delivered to specific areas of campus when needed.

Highlight School Activities Maybe it’s the basketball game, the student council meeting, the homecoming dance, the parent’s night, the siblings weekend, the band concert, the upcoming field trip, or the other 900 activities that take place within the education world, either way, it can be displayed to build interest and attendance. 

Eliminate Ineffective Fliers and Posters – You’ve seen the walls littered with posters of upcoming activities, or even activities that happened a month ago.  Digital signage allows for those posters to be turned into dynamic eye catching pieces of content that can be easily altered and eliminates waste.

Campus Safety – Messages to include directional information, recent weather updates, lockdowns, construction areas, can all be displayed in the appropriate areas of campus and can give specific instructions for procedures.

Technology advances for this generation – Let’s face it, the generation is seriously techy.  Tail-end Generation Y-ers and Generation Z-ers have never known a world without cell phones or computers, so give them the information they want the way they want it. 

Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)/Fast Casual Restaurants

Restaurant_Digital_Signage.pngEase of Menu Display/Changes – Digital signage allows for an easy-to-read menu (Digital Signage Today says that 74% of customers have this as their top priority).  You can schedule menus based on time for offering breakfast and then lunch/dinner and you can change or make updates for prices or based upon current stock.

Upsell/Promote New Items Have a new product you want to promote, or maybe an item or deal you want to highlight, you can do that effectively and even change it as often as you need.  (Eclipse Digital Media suggests that this can present up to a 5% sales lift).  This function is great if you have different locations that you want to provide specific offers for as well.

Enhances Customer Experience - You can harness the win-win power of social media.  When a customer “likes” your brand or establishment, they receive a special offer and you receive brand recognition. 

Eliminates Recurring Costs – Those printed marketing materials are everywhere in the QSR/Fast Casual environment.  From printed to-go menus, window posters, table toppers, coupons, drive thru yard signs, and I could go on and on.  These materials are changed and updated constantly based on new products, seasons, best sellers, etc. A digital display can promote the same information in a more cost effective way. 

RMG Networks shows us that printing costs can exceed up to 3% of a company’s annual revenue.  Digital displays, on average, cost $161 per year if run 24 hours a day.  This difference in cost can make a large difference to companies.

Compliance with Labeling Laws – Keeping compliant with the laws taking place to include nutrition information for every menu item can be easily updated, added, and keeps your restaurant within the law.


Retail_Digital_Signage.pngEmployee Training – Skills, on the job training, policy updates, and job vacancies can be used as content to help boost employee competence.

Raising Brand Awareness – Digital Signage Today reports that four out of five brands experienced up to 33% in additional sales.  The majority of these purchases are unplanned.  Providing relevant information close to the point of sale can increase awareness of a brand and elevate sales of that brand.

In-Store Advertising Opportunities – This allows your stores to sell time on your digital signage screens to advertisers.  This generates income in two ways, obviously by selling the space, as well as boosting sales for the advertised item. 

Current Sales – Every week, every store is promoting their “biggest sale of the year.”  This creates a lot of unnecessary printed materials to advertise these sale items.  Digital signage allows the sales to be updated or changed in a fast and cost effective way. 

Touchscreen Kiosks – There are so many options available with using in store touchscreen kiosks.  Completing store credit card applications, gift registries, HR documents, purchases, are just a few.  Put the wants of the customer in their hands. 


Corporate_Digital_Signage.pngDisplay Statistics/Performance Recognition – Maybe you are a call center that needs to display call stats for all employees to see, or a retail sales corporate office that needs to see reports to keep up with the ever changing demands of the customer, or you want to congratulate that employee on their record breaking performance. 

Real time stats and employee recognition are major motivators to employees and digital signage can help display those things to boost that motivation.

Emergency/Safety Information – Signage can be used to display emergency procedures when immediately needed to reach all staff members.  Giving directional information, updating staff of inclement weather, delivering area-specific content, and communicating unforeseen circumstances requiring immediate attention can all be done through the use of digital signage.

Training – To avoid the effects of unread emails or absences from staff meetings, leading to costly errors because staff “didn’t know” or “didn’t receive” appropriate training, digital signage can assist with that.  HR updated training, changes in corporate policies, specific departments that may have the need to be trained on specific content, all of these things can be done through digital signage.

Promote Corporate Events – Let your digital signage entice your staff and employees to want to be a part of that company wide staff meeting, or that announcement about the departmental baby shower for your co-worker due next month, your company picnic, or that networking cocktail party.

The Intel Corporation boasts that after conducting a field study, they found that digital displays capture 4 to 6 times more views than static displays

Consistent Messages Delivered – Using company-wide digital signage messaging delivers real-time, updated information to everyone at the same time.  Avoid the dilemma of one department receiving different information than the other, or the “that’s not what my boss said” issues.  Using company-wide digital signage messaging delivers real-time, updated information to everyone at the same time, or allows you to even focus your content to specific areas or departments. 

Find Your Why, We’ve Got Your How

Discovering “why” your company can utilize digital signage is key in understanding “how” you can then implement it.  Coffman Media is focused on one goal, helping you realize the power of digital signage to meaningfully connect with customers and clients while simultaneously promoting the goals of your business or organization. 

Don’t just take the “why” of digital signage from us, check out The Why of Digital Signage ebook from Lyle Bunn - widely considered to be one of the foremost independent experts in the digital signage industry.

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