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What Do I Need to Implement a Digital Signage Kiosk?

Posted by Jason Ault on Apr 2, 2015 9:00:00 AM

What Do I Need to Implement a Digital Signage Kiosk?There’s more to designing a kiosk than throwing a computer in a box. When you are considering a restaurant digital signage kiosk, there are as many (and as varied) an amount of possibilities as there are for a flat screen sign. However, there are three things you should consider as priorities when designing your kiosk signage. They are:

  • Point-of-service purchasing.
  • Order entry and menu updates.
  • Reporting and personnel management.

With a digital kiosk, you provide a quick, simple way for your diners to customize and pay for their order. A customer who sees a mouth-watering picture of a hamburger and fries arranged on a plate is more likely to order both, instead of just the burger he originally planned on. Customers can also be induced to include dessert! Guests can customize as well. For example, adding or eliminating mayo or pickles, can be requested. A self-ordering kiosk provides an interactive, fun way for your customer to control an order. Add the ability to split the payment and everybody wins! Your restaurant will also be decreasing wait times and enjoying an increase in per-ticket totals. Considering moving a cashier next to the kiosk to provide assistance and suggestions if needed, as well as to welcome diners to your establishment. A digital kiosk makes the ordering system faster, more personal as well as more streamlined. One more benefit from using digital menu kiosks is that you may very well end up with increased production due to the up-sell you can achieve by better showcasing the menu.

If your digital signage kiosk relays orders straight to the kitchen, diners get their food quickly and more accurately. For day-parting, your employees can simply update the kiosk menu. With flat screen digital menu boards behind the counter, the menu in your kiosk can be quickly updated to include seasonal offers or price adjustments. An additional bonus is allowing shift workers more time to focus on customer service. You create a true win-win overall.

Managers can run various sales and shift reports; employees can use the kiosks to clock in and out for shifts and breaks. You can even use your kiosk for employee training and company notices after hours.

Many of the advantages to be gained from a digital signage menu board can also be had from a kiosk. Remember though, that all effective digital signage depends upon your initial design of that signage.

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