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What is a Digital Menu Board?

Posted by Jason Ault on Mar 5, 2015 9:43:43 AM

What is a Digital Menu Board?Have you ever ordered an item from a menu, after spending long minutes making up your mind on what you really wanted, only to have the server come back to you five minutes after your mouth has been watering to tell you they have run out of that item for today?  

A static menu is typically very minimal in content. Perhaps there is a short description under an item; there may be a few pictures scattered over the page; there may be a printing error that you overlooked because of the cost of reprinting; prices may change two weeks after you pick up those nice new printed menus.

A digital menu board is an LCD or Plasma screen TV and a computer server located in your restaurant. It can be wall-mounted, free standing, or installed within a kiosk. A dynamic, colorful, interesting menu can be created. A menu that is an easy, cost-effective option that allows you to keep your prices, products and promotions up-to-date. It is perfect for immediate price and content updates, menu management, limited time offers and so much more. You can even promote a future event, a menu special, or to incorporate your brand colors.  

Depending on the time of day, a digital menu board can be updated, or temporarily changed, to run menus appropriate to the time of day. For example, breakfast items can be removed from the dinner menu entirely, at a pre-determined time.

The content of your digital menu board can be changed however and whenever you need it to be. Perhaps you want to try a new product on a limited basis to see how it will perform in your market. Adding the item to your digital menu is quick and easy to do. You can even include informative details about the new product, such as nutritional information or key ingredients. The cost to make menu changes in a digital menu board is about 49% lower than in the more traditional printed menu. 

Changing the content of your menu board can be done from one central location, or depending upon your needs, can be done from multiple locations. It is easy to do. You control what messages are being displayed to your customers at any given time. 

Having the ability to quickly and effectively respond to new opportunities gives you the best chance for success for your business. Having a digital menu board will make a huge difference. 

Static (flat, unmoving, printed) menus are becoming obsolete thanks to digital menu boards

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