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What Is A Digital Signage Needs Assessment?

Posted by Nikki Ault on Nov 3, 2017 3:35:19 PM

unknown.pngHave you ever gone into a situation thinking you knew everything you needed to know, and then once you arrived, you realized you knew nothing?!  

My daughter recently dove into the world of martial arts, specifically Taekwondo.  Now, I wouldn't claim that I know anything about Taekwondo, but I grew up an athlete so I assumed most sports are pretty much the same.  I felt pretty confident walking her in the first time.  Then with each practice, I realized I knew so little it was almost overwhelming. 

We are learning as we go, but if it had not been for a very knowledgable staff of instructors that delivered an insightful parent's meeting for new students, I would be lost in the dark.  

Implementing a digital signage system can feel the same.  You have seen other companies that have used it successfully, or you have seen it deployed creating an entertaining visual experience for customers, so how hard could it be?

I'll take one digital signage system specific to my company please!  If only it were this easy.  

Well, it can be easy with something called a Needs Assessment, otherwise known as that lovely insightful "parent's meeting," but for digital signage.

What Is A Needs Assessment?

checklist-1622517_1280.pngThe Needs Assessment is just what the name indicates:  It is an evaluation of your wants and needs to be able to properly provide you with your ideal digital signage system.  Needs Assessments are completed by a digital signage solutions integrator like Coffman Media.  

Most of the time, the client comes in feeling like they know exactly what they want, but once going through a needs assessment they realize they often are struggling to answer the key question:

What is your purpose for the display, or what do you see as the ideal final result?

Coffman Media experts will sit down with you to truly understand what you want in your digital signage setup. 

What Will They Ask?

assessment.jpgThere are a series of questions that are asked that dive deeper into understanding what you want as your ideal solution. Here are a few examples....  

What problem or issue are you trying to resolve

How many screens are you looking to deploy?

What’s the timeline for deployment?


What’s your content strategy or types of content you want to include?

Who will be involved in the content creation/deployment?

Do you have a budget?

How many locations?

Is there electricity and connectivity to the area?

What type of interactivity are you seeking?

How will you measure the success of the system?

What Follows The Needs Assessment?

Once the Needs Assesment is completed, this will give the solutions integrator a better path to take into the quoting process.  All hardware, software, content management systems, content itself, labor, and installation are considered based on this needs assessment.  

As you can see, a Needs Assessment is key in helping to determine a digital signage solution for your company.  Coffman Media offers a free consultation to help you determine your wants and needs.  Why not complete a Needs Assessment today?

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