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What Would You Do if Stadium Screens Weren’t Available?

Posted by Jason Ault on Oct 13, 2015 10:42:46 AM

What Would You Do if Stadium Screens Weren't Available?If you’ve been to a football game, you’ve probably noticed some type of digital board. It is standard for these displays to hover at midfield and depending on the size, they can span across the playing field from end-zone to end-zone. These screens are perfect for advertising and showing instant replays that can send the crowd into an uproar. There are plenty of uses for a screen as large as these stadium screens; and NFL stadiums definitely caught on to the trend.

In Daniel Beaton’s infographic on FastCompany’s website, he shows the variety in screens and which team has the largest outdoor digital display:

What Would You Do If Stadium Screens Weren't Available?

With these screens being as large as they are, they grab attention, generate information, update quickly and they highlight important events and segments of the game.

Other Important Uses for Stadium Screens Include:

  • Displaying the game score
  • Displaying score updates of other games
  • Play- by- plays
  • Special events coming up in the specific location
  • Audience participation, like familiar cheers, kiss cam or fan games
  • Advertisements
  • Promotions of food or beer available

The ability to advertise to an entire stadium with a large audience will greatly help toward achieving revenue goals. With a dynamic, interchangeable stadium screen, you’re able to interact with the audience, fill in the gaps with entertainment (like halftime) and promote various companies who support the field. 

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