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What You Need to Know About a Digital Menu Board

Posted by Jason Ault on May 12, 2015 9:00:00 AM

What You Need to Know About a Digital Menu BoardA digital menu board is a large digital screen, usually found behind the cash register in a restaurant or coffee shop. These screens allow operators to do quite a number of things in a matter of moments that are making the tired-looking static boards that fade and crack after a while almost obsolete. Digital screens can even allow restaurant operators to do fun things like combine offerings with video that is full-motion!  These menu boards are one of the most powerful tools in recent years that restaurants have been using to stand out, as margins in the restaurant industry grow tighter.  Lets talk about just a few of the very cool things a digital screen can do for your casual fast restaurant. 

  • Seamlessly add or remove menu items
  • Easily change dayparts
  • Design
  • Feature content about limited-time offers 

A quick-service restaurant can sell smarter by analyzing sales data in real time and update signage to reflect what they learn instantly. For example, advertising can be changed on the signs to match inventory levels. A promotion can be dropped immediately if they run out of stock! Or, when a restaurant has been tracking stock and finds that an item hasn’t been selling well, they can lower the price and make sure the item is sold before it has to be thrown out, thereby reducing waste. 

If you offer something different for dinner than you do for lunch, or would like to try to do so, you can change your menu items and price with the press of a button.  Literally. Have a menu ready to go with the late offerings and prices and you can daypart! Another definition of a digital menu board. All of the benefits mentioned in the paragraph above apply as well. You can even advertise a dinner special on your lunch menu, or vice versa!

Digital screens are no longer a large black box on the wall behind the register.  Now they are actually part of the architectural design in some cases, from the beginning of the building process! The screens are being considered from the original design concept in terms of placement and utility. Designers are looking for digital screen ribbons and projection. From the display design aspect, you can add video or animation to your menu board. Whether you choose a running bulletin type message along the bottom of the screen or a cartoon type message every so many minutes, you can do it. Or you may choose to profile one of your dishes as it is being prepared, in real time! 

These days, since law was passed compelling restaurants to list ingredients and calories, it is much easier to comply with a digital screen, especially if an ingredient or a menu item is changed. It is also a nice idea to feature one of your dishes, or an upcoming special. Detail the region it is originally from; tell your diners how it is prepared or what makes it special. Create anticipation. 

Digital menu boards allow restaurant operators to: Incorporate full-motion video into their menu display, instantly update content to account for last-minute product changes, make changes and update prices for a single location or multiple locations, from anywhere in the world.

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